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From planning runways, highways, or greenways to designing, surveying, or managing construction projects – we’ve got your back. It’s why our clients are our top priority – because communities aren’t shaped just by projects, but by people. It’s why we’re committed to being approachable, accessible, and responsive. It’s why as your needs change, challenges arise, or timelines get shortened, we’re your first phone call. And, it’s why we give back through volunteering, mentoring, and supporting non-profits. Because the places where you live, work, and play – we call them home, too.

We believe in engineering the extra mile. It’s what we do.

Our commitment to community is more than just company policy – it’s personal. Our employees engage fully and earnestly with the communities we serve through support for non-profits, mentorship of young talent, and work on projects that improve quality of life. We also encourage our employees to build relationships, further develop their skills, and follow their passions. We believe in community before company.

Both individually and as a firm, Croy and our team members are involved in the following organizations having an impact on the communities where we live, work, and play.

What We Believe

Can excellent engineering change the world? We think so, at least in our corner of it. We intentionally build a culture of quality, transparency, and authenticity to create a positive impact. You’ll reap the benefits in every interaction with us.

Our Clients are Our Top Priority.

While other firms are focused on getting the project, we’re dedicated to you – our clients – and your on-going success. Our partnership with you never ends when a project does. Instead, our long-term focus, responsiveness, and commitment to integrity will enable you to rely on us as trusted advisors and an integral part of your team.

We are the Ultimate Problem Solvers

We’re the first phone call you make because you can trust us to find the answer no matter the problem. We’ll help you save money, navigate complex processes, and visualize big picture opportunities.

We are Accessible and Responsive.

We’re genuine and approachable, accessible and responsive. Our offices – even that of our Founder and CEO, Jim Croy – are always open.

We Adapt to Your Needs.

Unlike large firms, being a small business allows us the flexibility to adapt to your needs. You don’t have to jump through hoops to work with us – we’re here to make your life easier. Our people are empowered to make decisions, eliminating the hurdles that can slow down a project.

We Invest in Our Community and Our People.

As a company and as individuals, we’re committed to improving our community. We encourage our employees to build relationships, develop their skills, and follow their passions. And, we engage with our communities through support of non-profits, mentorship of young talent, and projects that improve quality of life.

"Croy is truly dedicated to supporting local communities. In small cities like ours, while projects are typically not large, they often have a greater impact on the community as a whole. My experience has been that many firms fail to see this and instead give their attention to bigger cities with bigger projects. Croy is different. Their partnership and efforts have helped to make a positive difference in our city. And, it’s more than a company belief – their employees genuinely care about the success of the place and people they are impacting." 

Mayor Jesse E. TurnerCity of Loretto, Tennessee

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