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Our mission at Jubilee Trading Co. is to elevate lives through trade relationships, creating opportunity and empowerment.  Our preferred medium for that is dignified work making beautiful handmade goods.  

Our vision is for the free market to be a tool for empowerment, elevating lives and communities through intentional purchasing.  We believe that everyday consumers like you have the power to change the world by shopping intentionally: when you shop with purpose, you can elevate a life, a family, and an entire community.  With every purchase you make with this intention, you bring this vision to life!


Jubilee Trading Co. is an ethical trade brand that blends traditional Moroccan leather working with modern trends to create elevated goods that elevate lives. Our collection of home decor and accessories is made from locally-sourced leather and crafted with sustainability in mind.  We partner with a small group of artisans in one rural community to create opportunity and impact that ripples out to the surrounding area.  We aim to bring light into dark places and make the world a better place through dignified work and fair trade. 

In addition to making good jobs with fair wages, we in turn give back 10% of our profits to community development and service efforts in our partners' community.  These funds are donated to a trusted non-profit partner who uses our support for projects like building water wells in rural villages, mending roofs on rustic houses or aiding with unexpected medical bills.

We are honored to be a part of the work happening in these communities!


Ancient Jewish tradition maintained a regular Year of Jubilee.  Here, God declares a time of redemption and restoration, when slaves are to be set free, debts erased, and people are given a new start. It is a time of celebration and liberty, enjoying a year of blessing after a generous harvest. 

We hope that our work creating good jobs with fair wages does the same for our partners.  Our prayer is that because of the opportunities created by this business, people are able to live free from debt and enjoy bounty.

Join us in jubilee as lives are elevated!

Elevated good for an elevated life.

A note from the founder

I’m so glad you’re here!  That means you’re interested in what’s going on at Jubilee, and I want you to know we’re nothing without you.  I believe that buying beautiful goods at fair prices can elevate lives and change the world. It’s the small, everyday decisions like buying a gift that has the potential to radically impact the status quo-- YOU have that power!  I thank you for joining us in this journey to elevate lives through trade.



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